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Sabtu, 8 Februari 2020 - 15:16 WIB

Benefits of Question Hub on Blog, Strengths and Weaknesses on Bloggers

Google in early January 2020, officially launched a new platform called Question Hub, this Question Hub is a platform that will facilitate the work of a blogger in terms of SEO.

Benefits of using Google Question Hub in blogging activities, Learn more about the benefits bloggers will get when using the Question Hub.

What is a Question Hub?

Question Hub is a new product that collects unanswered questions from Google Search, these questions can be used to identify deficiencies in online content.

Study the lack of content by topic and use the data to create more complete and better content for your audience. “

Purpose and Benefits of the Question Hub

The holding of the Google Hub according to Google’s explanation is to help the audience in searching information on the internet, each article link uploaded as an answer can be seen directly

Lack of Question Hub

Identifying the Weaknesses of Online Content with the Question Hub, Google recently created a feature for bloggers to be able to help some problems and questions from users / searches in public services, especially for internet users.

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How to Register the Question Hub

After that your blog automatically can immediately use this Question Hub to explore topics that are relevant to the niche or theme of your friends’ blogs.

The way to register is easy with friends who have previously linked their blog account to Google Console then register via the link.

Conclusion The Meaning of the Question Hub

With the Question Hub bloggers are not only guessing at creating content, because through the Question Hub Blogger list can answer readers’ questions simply by providing a url link to a blog article.

You are also asked to integrate Google Search Console into this feature. So that each article link uploaded as an answer can be seen directly in performance. The statistics of the article in Google Search can be seen clearly.

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